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        2. 中文版 中文版
          English English
          • VKB

            Product Name:VKB


          • ZN96

            Product Name:ZN96


          • YB (PM) -12-0.4 box changes

            Product Name:YB (PM)


          • vs1(zn63)

            Product Name:vs1(zn63


          • VEP-12 vacuum circuit breaker

            Product Name:VEP-12 v


          • SMC15 energy metering box

            Product Name:SMC15 en


          • MNS

            Product Name:MNS


          • KYN28A-12

            Product Name:KYN28A-1


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          Changchun Red Star Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in high and low voltage electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises, after twenty years worked hard and achieved good economic and social benefits. Facing the new century, the challenges of a more competitive market environment, the Red Star appliances will be adhering to the "Founding quality, plant science and technology, reputation oriented, sincere friends" business philosophy, with great enthusiasm to create and implement dynamic business management, is committed to miniaturization, intelligent power distribution products, development and innovation, Strict product quality, and strive to improve service, truly "first-class brand-name quality, first-class service tree credibility, product qualification rate of 100% user satisfaction rate of more than 96% "quality objectives, quality products, excellent service and social returns.

          GUANG passengers, brand integrity. Red Star appliances thanks to old and new friends to support and love, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises and the public into the Red Star, Red Star understanding of the establishment and development of various forms of cooperation with our friendship, mutual support, shaping the future!