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        2. 中文版 中文版
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          • VKB

            Product Name:VKB


          • ZN96

            Product Name:ZN96


          • YB (PM) -12-0.4 box changes

            Product Name:YB (PM)


          • vs1(zn63)

            Product Name:vs1(zn63


          • VEP-12 vacuum circuit breaker

            Product Name:VEP-12 v


          • SMC15 energy metering box

            Product Name:SMC15 en


          • MNS

            Product Name:MNS


          • KYN28A-12

            Product Name:KYN28A-1


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          Creating Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Liaoning Cobo

          TIME:2014-05-26 CLICKS:2016
          Changchun Red Star Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. invested 150 million yuan in 2012, the North Sea Area in Yingkou City, Liaoning electromechanical park created Cobo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.. Factory covers an area of ??60,000 square meters, construction area of ??over 20,000 square meters. Liaoning High-Tech Electric is the leading product in Germany to introduce the latest generation of High-Tech Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Direct dynamic pressure load switch based on the research and development of SF6 gas-insulated box RMU and solid seal vacuum circuit breakers, and can produce a variety of Model advanced performance, high-quality high and low voltage switchgear.
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