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          HXGN-12 RMU

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          HXGN □ -12 series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit is in Germany to introduce the latest generation of High-Tech Electrical Equipment Co., direct acting pressure load switch based on the research and development of stainless steel box RMU. Products with small, simple operation, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, there are visible window, safe and reliable. Mainly used in urban distribution network secondary distribution systems, such as the opening and closing of the distribution, outdoor switching station, substation, distribution and other industrial establishments.

          This type RMU module can be divided by function: load switch modules, load switch - fuse combination function modules, circuit breakers function modules, measurement modules, voltage transformers and other functional modules. According to the structure can be divided into non-Extensible and scalable two. Expandable up to six non-loops.